Econoline Driveshafts
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Econoline Driveshafts

There are sixteen different driveshafts on the 1961-1967 Econolines due to the various combinations of transmissions and rear axles.

MarkingPart #YearsEngineTransmissionAxleFront U-JointRear U-JointSlip Joint?Length x Diameter (inches)
C1UU-BC1UU 4602-B1961-19621443-sp manual7.25"smallsmallone peice shaft (no slip joint)27 17/32 x 1.75
C1UU-CC1UZ 4602-A1961-19621703-sp manual7.25"smallsmallone peice shaft (no slip joint)26 5/8 x 1.75
C3UA-BC3UZ 4602-B1963-19641443-sp manual7.25"smallsmallslip joint27 7/16 x 1.75
C3UA-AC3UZ 4602-A1963-19641703-sp manual7.25"smallsmallslip joint26 19/32 x 1.75
C3UA-CC3UZ 4602-G1963-1964144/1703-sp manual9"smalllargeslip joint26 11/32 x 1.75
C3UA-DC3UZ 4602-D1963-19641444-sp manual7.25"smallsmallslip joint28 3/8 x 1.75
C3UA-EC3UZ 4602-E1963-19641704-sp manual7.25"smallsmallslip joint27 1/4 x 1.75
C3UA-FC3UZ 4602-F1963-1964144/1704-sp manual9"smalllargeslip joint27 11/32 x 1.75
C5TA-CFNC5TZ 4602-LK1965-19671703-sp manual7.25"smallsmallslip joint26 15/16 x 2
C5TZ 4602-LF1965-19671703-sp manual9"smalllargeslip joint26 39/64 x 2
C5TZ 4602-LE1965-19672403-sp manual9"largelargeslip joint25 15/16 x 2.5
C4UA-AC4UZ 4602-A1964170Ford-O-Matic9"smalllargeslip joint20 1/4 x 1.75
C4UA-BC4UZ 4602-B1964170Ford-O-Matic7.25"smallsmallslip joint20 1/4 x 1.75
C5TA-CFSC5TZ 4602-LH1965-1967170C-4 automatic9"smalllargeslip joint20 9/16 x 2
C5TA-CFRC5TZ 4602-LJ1965-1967170C-4 automatic7.25"smallsmallslip joint20 11/16 x 2
C5TA-CFRC5TZ 4602-LJearly 1965?240?C-4 automatic7.25"smallsmallslip joint20 11/16 x 2
C5TA-CFMC5TZ 4602-LG1965-1967240C-4 automatic9"largelargeslip joint20 7/16 x 2


Econoline U-Joints

Small U-joints were on the back of the 144/170/200 transmissions and the 7.25" axles.

Large U-joints were on the back of the 240 transmissions and the 9" axles.

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